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VR Goggles - Google Cardboard VR Viewer

VR apps!

- Google Cardboard - a place where you get to create, play, learn and get to have fun!!

- Cardboard Camera

- VR Rollercoaster (Top best one!)

- Google Arts and Culture VR- visit landmarks and walkthrough art galleries!

- Jurassic Park

- Within

Google Expedition - a tour of all the places you can ever imagine of!!

Human Body (male) - skeletal, muscular and organ systems with voice over

Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR - - create content


LINE UP THE CENTRE LINE - If you are getting a headache or double blurred vision, make sure you have aligned the centre line located right at the tip of your nose in the Google VR Goggles 

LEVEL YOUR PHONE - Headache?  Double blurred vision?  Make sure your phone is level in the CARDBOARD VR viewer.

FOLD PROPERLY - Make sure, you always unfold and refold the VR goggles so it does not break!