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TinkerCAD - 3D design software


tinkercad tutorial video

#2: TinkerCAD Keyboard Shortcuts - keyboard shortcuts for editing

#3: Tinkercad tool alignment how to align objects

TinkerCAD Help Videos - on Youtube channel

OTHER CHOICES - brand new from Google is Sketchup online - Onshape 3D design program - Clara 3D design with light rendering

3D Tin - online 3D geometry program
3D Tin Tutorials - video playlist of 3D Tin tutorials

Animated Models and Nets

Printable nets:

TABS+ and Google Sketchup are two free programs that you can use, but you must DOWNLOAD them. :(


TABS+TABS+ is software used to create nets for 3D geometric shapes. You can print them, cut them out, and then build them.
Students may sign this out from the library and take it home.

TABS+ Creating 3D Geometric Shapes

Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup is software that you can download at home for free to create 3D objects. - brand new from Google is Sketchup online

Help Videos

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